Alabama Traffic Net Mike

Daily sessions at 17:30 CDT on 3.965 mHz
Backup Frequency is 7.243 mHz
Net Manager – Chris Hall – K4LIA

The Alabama Traffic Net Mike (ATNM) is part of the ARRL National Traffic System and the Alabama Emergency Net System. The ATNM meets daily to to improve members's skills in emergency communications and in handling traffic. All amateur radio operators are invited to participate in the net.

The ATNM is a directed Net. Participants are expected to review the Net Preamble in order to understand the order of business during a net session. The Net Control is always on frequency. That frequency may not be the designated frequency for reason(s) other than a badly tuned radio. Always tune to the frequency that the Net Control Station is using.

The ATNM operates under the provisions enumerated in the ATNM ATNM Net Manual. This manual is presently undergoing revision under the direction of the Net Manager. In the interim, the present Net Manual is provides quidance for the conduct of Net business.

Last Respects

It has been a bittersweet couple of years for the net. Father Time caught up with some of our comrades; accidents and Covid claimed the others. We rejoice over having them in our lives, and we take time to mourn their passing. Take a moment to remember our departed amateur operators.

Traffic Handling Information

National Traffic System Methods and Practices Guidelines
Message Instructions
ARRL Numbered Radiograms
Phonetic Alphabet
Q Signals
Readability Strength Tone (RST)

5th Region Common Text for Frequent Messages

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